Since you are still living in your home we will come and artfully edit and arrange what you already have. We will also bring in carefully selected decor items which will make your home ready for photography and showings.


We will bring in all the furniture and props that are needed to stage an empty house. Empty homes can feel cold, lifeless, and smaller than they really are. Your vacant home benefits greatly from staging because, believe it or not, most buyers cannot visualize what the possibilities are for an empty room.


Apartment and Air BNB staging is a must whenever you are marketing a community. Without it, you’re simply showing a blank canvas to prospective clients when you could be using a unique staging strategy to reel in qualified renters. Staging an apartment model surely has its benefits, from helping prospective tenants visualize the use of space and getting them excited about their future home. Staging can shorten time on the market, help you stand out in an increasingly competitive market, increase relevant traffic from ads and listings, demonstrate use of space, and generate higher premium prices.


We will come to your home for an initial consultation to view and photograph the property’s interior and exterior if needed. We will discuss the property’s needs to make it appealing to the largest market possible. A customized room-by-room Recommendation List will be provided to you.